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Optimazing water and charging it with radionics

Now you can optimize Water, Charge it with Chi Energy and, naturally, also with radionically defined trend energies.
Water is the natural carrier of life force, and therefore charging water with life energy and optimizing it is a lot more cost efficient that purchasing ready-made "orgone water" and the like.  All it takes is well prepared water – prepared with a good water filtering system or ideally with a reverse osmosis system. 
Most importantly, you can charge this water radionically when using a power radionics device, something which none of the store-bought "specialty waters" can offer.
Great devices for radionic charging of water on a more permanent basis are mjiddle of the line machines such as the RAD 1000 and above.

A very low cost budget device, made specifically for this purpose, is the AO 1100, which you can use as well in combination with any one of the radionics manifestation programs.  With the device, you can also use transfers, either ones that come with it or making your own by printing them from and individualizing them.  Then put one of the transfers in front of the AO 1100 and the other one(s) under water tanks, bottles, etc. – it works very well on water dispensers in offices and waiting rooms, and you can be certain that everybody will love this energized water.
Optimize Water and Charge it with Chi Energy

The AO 2000 is stronger, and it has the Earth Frequency of 7.83 Hz.  While a gallon of water is charged within about 15 minutes when you use the AO-1100, with the AO 2000, you can do the same thing within about 5 minutes.
All middle of the line devices and above are water optimizers:  starting with the RAD 2000, then the RAD 2400 HD, the Performer and the ATG devices. 
Using radionics, either with the radionics software or the radionics machines by themselves, you can add specific trend energies, or desired action, to the water.
For example, you can make a weight loss drink, a fitness drink, a love drink or a sports performance drink.  You can also boost intuitive and learning skills, sexual activity, etc.
Simply set up your radionics machines or manifestation software accordingly and, instead of projecting the energy to yourself or any other target person, charge water, food or anything else with the trend energy.

You can get evidence of what I have been talking about and this experience of the great taste of energetically charged water with the free transfer test.  Simply download the free chi-card, charge and compare before and after.

In fact, according to personal experience of tens of thousands of users, water that has been treated with life force shows many characteristics, which they recognized as definite and decisive advantages over untreated water:
redball  Living water stays much longer fresh as a result of significant microbiological changes towards a healthy environment,
redball  it has a taste that's excellent, even addictive
redball  A softer "feel" when you reach into it
redball  A feeling of well-being after drinking it
redball  A better taste of food and drinks
No wonder, you and other people will love your charged water and at the same time you can charge it radionically with specific desired actions.

You can use optimized water as well to help the growth of plants. This is plainly visible as stronger plants, more blossoms and larger and better tasting fruit, and more beautiful flowers. 
It can save laundry powder – radionics experiments may be very interesting.
Being saturated with life energy, it keeps helping the environment even after use
It is attractive to animals. Especially cats feel attracted to water that has been revitalized by means of saturation with life force.  And here especially you can get healthier and more energetic animals with the help of radionics.
You can make living water (water that is saturated with life force) with ease: Simply put a bottle of water of your choice (store bought or filtered) on top of the AO 2000 and allow it to saturate with life force. This method of optimizing and revitalizing your water is certainly a lot more cost efficient than purchasing "orgone water" and the like.  charge with radionics at the same time.

Yes!  You can get more information about the great potentials of radionically enhanced water! 
Feel free to video call us and we are going to answer your questions and we can show you live many more ways of how you can use your of Chi Generator® Boosted Radionics Machines, software and accessories !!!  Video-talking live with one of our associates is just a click away! 
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More about what Power Radionics™ can do for you - Specifics

The following applications of this extraordinary new technology are based on personal experiences of many proud owners of Chi Generators®, power radionics™ devices and power radionics™ programs.

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