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A Gigantic Step into the Future:  Wilhelm Reich and Franz Anton Mesmer 150 years before Reich invented devices that accumulated life energy from the surroundings
Karl Hans Welz invented the Chi Generator (Orgone Generator®), wich, as the name implies, actually generates life energy.

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And now a more detailed description of Power Radionics™ Technology, how it works and how you can use it to achieve success:

As I mentioned already in the introduction, the Radionics machine, which is powered by a Chi Generator® is exciting new technology, which is designed to help you get an assured technological edge in your personal matters, business dealings, prosperity, sports performance, fitness, relationships, and sex! Best is a combination of three: radionics software, radionics machine, and Chi Generator®.

While the Radionics machines and radionics software establish structural by way of representing specific abstractions or intents, the Chi Generators® (orgone generators®) provide the power that is necessary to connect the desired trend energy with the envisioned target. Consequently, if you feel that you are just falling short of everything, Life Energy Boosted Radionics, i.e., Power Radionics™, can give you this extra assistance, which you need to have your dreams and desires come true. 

In the following, I am going to introduce you to the basic principles, or the basic theory, of this awe inspiring new technology first, and then I am going to show you power radionics™ equipment and equipment combinations, which are designed according to the most advanced scientific principles of power radionics™: machines and computer programs that are on the forefront of life energy technology and radionics.

Power Radionics - How it Works ...

Methods of Action at a Distance - their Common Functioning Principles (CFP)

Any Action at a distance makes use of
structural links and life energy
(Karl Hans Welz, "Magic of the Future")

Consequently, the three basic factors of any successful action at a distance, including radionics, are:

The Trend Link (representing the planned effect),
The Target-Link (representing the target), and
Life Energy!

An operation at a distance, in which the operator neglects any one of these three basic factors, is doomed to fail, regardless of intent, traditionalist connection, spiritual training, and what not! This, and only this, is the reason why some methods do not work, even if the would-be practitioner followed most of the instructions meticulously.


The Trend-Link in Radionics

Trend-Links are radionics settings ("rates"), precision frequencies (see the PCHD 2400), symbols, sigils, frequency patterns, symbolic objects, devices, incenses, oils, or any other structural representations. They have one thing in common: they establish a connection (structural link or structural connection) with a desired effect, or with the desired solution of a problem.
Some operators prefer trend-links that represent energies of a more metaphysical classification such as the effects ascribed to planets, elements, etc., all of which represent desired change, or effect. Being representatives of desires, the trend-links are sometimes viewed as modulators of life energy (orgone, chi), so that the projected life energy field gives inclination to a specific action. The Filters of the alphabet of success, which we are offering, are typical Trend-Links.

Many esoteric traditions teach the preparation of trend-links (“utensils”) of a very complex nature requiring much concentration and elaborate work, especially when the problem to solve is a complicated one. The purpose of such methods is the generation of a thought-form, which is attached to such an object object. Using the Chi Generator® or one of our Power Radionics™ Devices (the RAD series) and/or any one of the Power Radionics™ Manifestation software optimizes the effect of the trend link and supplies the attached thought form with the necessary life energy , and this makes the involved crafting of complicated trend links, which is practiced in many traditions, unnecessary, and furthermore your results will be more reliable.

2.  Chi-Generator® boosted Radionics is Power!
3.  A new approach to Radionics
5. Power Radionics is easy to use!
6.  A new scientific approach to Power Radionics
7.  My new approach to power radionics
9.  History of Radionics - 1
10.  History of Radionics - 2
11.  New radionics experiments
13. Science of radionics - the target-link
14. Science of radionics - Chi energy
15. More about Chi energy
17.  Advanced radionics science - 2
18. Power Radionics - Results for You!
19.  Action at a Distance - conclusion

What Power Radionics™ can do for you - Specifics

The following applications of this extraordinary new technology are based on personal experiences of many proud owners of Chi Generators®, power radionics™ devices and power radionics™ programs.

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