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A Gigantic Step into the Future:  Wilhelm Reich and Franz Anton Mesmer 150 years before Reich invented devices that accumulated life energy from the surroundings
Karl Hans Welz invented the Chi Generator (Orgone Generator®), wich, as the name implies, actually generates life energy.

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Of life energy (Chi, prana, mana, orgone, od, personal magnetism, etc.) we know that (1) it flows freely without significant loss of energy between identical structures, and (2) it follows the principle of negative entropy, or reversed entropy, i.e., from the weaker potential to the stronger one until the stronger potential is saturated.

This second characteristic of life energy allows us to establish linkage, if the connection is not exactly identical, all the way to the point of being pure abstractions, such as radionics settings = "rates," symbols, mantras, words of power, or objects, which were established with the human brain focusing on trend or target. Life energy automatically searches out the final target for which such an “abstraction” has been established originally with help of the human brain. This process is similar to heat traveling the “path of least resistance” (“preferring,” so to say, heat conducting materials) when following the law of entropy from higher potential to lower potential until a balance (equal potential) between the two is reached. The settings of the radionics machine, then, compare to ducts in a heating and air conditioning system system.

On the typical radionics machine, therefore, one link connects with the trend while the other link connects with the target. Both links being in the same place (the device), a connection is established between trend and target. With this connection between trend and target achieved, the trend energy will define actions of the target person. With additional mental targeting (intent), i.e., the use of trend energies of a more complex nature, such a connection can also take the aspect of a thought form. This means that, using abstractions and corresponding settings, you can achieve permanence of a creative energy, which is self-adapting to changing circumstances even after the original setup of the radionics machine has been discontinued.

Naturally, you need sufficient life energy, ideally from a Chi Generator®, to power up such a thought form and to keep it alive. Repeating the operation will re-charge it every time. This procedure is certainly more efficient than leaving the traditional radionics machine that lacks the massive supply of life force of a power radionics machine turned on until the goal is achieved. The Chi Generator®, which is built into the Power Radionics™ device and/or connected with the Power Radionics™ Manifestation Program, makes rapid results and the development of powerful thoughtforms possible. While middle of the line devices are sufficient for personal use, the HD devices assure massive supply of life energy for multiple simultaneous radionics operations.

By now it is obvious that the natural characteristics of life energy (Chi, prana, ...) make radionics possible in the same way as they make all other known AAD possible. For persons who are unaware of its basic functions (reversed, or negative, entropy and structure-based transfer), life energy appears to be a “medium” that is “modulated” by trend energies which it then “carries” to the target. In the light of my extensive research and double-blind experiments concerning the subject-matter of radionics and action at a distance, such an assumption is as primitive as the assumption of some practitioners who kill chicken in order to “feed” their “spirit servants:”  a typical explanation, which lacks the characteristics of a good theory, as I described before.

Of course, experienced traditional practitioners of all times in history knew very well this simple fact: No action at a distance, no "magical" or shamanic action, without life force! Life Energy carries the secret of positive permanent change and mind control at a distance. Therefore, Life Energy is the fuel of all action at a distance as we know it, including the very recent radionics!

The challenge that traditional practitioners faced, then, was to have access to large amounts of life energy (many of them called it “psychic power”), to do effective work. Their methods to generate life energy have been as varied as the cultures and religions into which they were born. Some of the more advanced practitioners always knew how to draw life energy from the universe around them. The majority of practitioners, however, used an array of other methods such as generating life energy in one’s own body (tai chi), generating it by means of strong emotions, and by having groups dance or walk in circles. Some traditions such as Voodoo and Santeria are still practicing animal "sacrifice" to cause strong releases of life energy.

It is obvious by now that knowing how to generate massive amounts of life energy makes action at a distance, including radionics, easy for every person! The Chi Generator® in your Power Radionics™ machine can do it for you!

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What Power Radionics™ can do for you - Specifics

The following applications of this extraordinary new technology are based on personal experiences of many proud owners of Chi Generators®, power radionics™ devices and power radionics™ programs.

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