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A Gigantic Step into the Future:  Wilhelm Reich and Franz Anton Mesmer 150 years before Reich invented devices that accumulated life energy from the surroundings
Karl Hans Welz invented the Chi Generator (Orgone Generator®), wich, as the name implies, actually generates life energy.

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Advanced Radionic theories 1

After the introduction to the basic theories, now a bit more about Structural Links and Life Energy in Radionics

I have proven experimentally that life energy transfers by way of near-identical or equivalent structures, which I called "structural links." In fact, with this simple technology I achieved the first machine-to-machine transmission of signals using life energy across the Atlantic back in 1997. No amplification of the signal whatsoever was needed, since the life energy transfer was direct. This and other experiments were proof that the intensity, or power, of the transfer is determined by the similarity of the structural links involved, not by distance as we commonly understand it.

This same characteristic causes life energy to appear as being a "carrier" of structural representations: connect a structural link to a person (a target) with a structural link (or representation) of a specific trend energy, then you combine the two. This is so, because within the life force universe the "distance" between the targeted trend and the targeted person is reduced to a factor close to zero. As a result of a simultaneous life energy transfer in both directions (target and trend) with the power radionics™ machine at the "center of the action," so to say, the targeted person comes in direct contact with the targeted trend energy and the desired outcome will be modified accordingly.

A structural link, then, is anything that connects with an object, target, or desire, which also allows a transfer of life energy. In the basic experiment (the transfer test with Chi-Cards®) we are using structures, which for all practical purposes can be considered to be "identical." In this case, both structures are identical designs, which are printed on paper. Radionics goes one step further: the established radionics "rates" constitute equivalent structural links. The equivalence is given by way of connection to the trend or target (or both) that happens simultaneously when the rate is established. I have proven experimentally that it is irrelevant whether such rates are established with the stick pad, with the pendulum or whether they are chosen arbitrarily. What's important is the simultaneousness of the process of establishing an equivalent structural link with a mental definition of the trend or target, for which such a radionics rate (structural link) is to be established. Establishing a radionics rate freezes, so to say, the mental focus, i.e., the abstraction of a desired effect or target, into a numerical representation, or higher order abstraction.

From "abstractions" let's now go back to near-identical structural links: Shamans, psychics, priests, magicians, etc., of all ages used a variety of structural links, and many of them are also used by the radionics operator.

Pictures, especially photos, are great structural links and they are very much in use.

Shamans and Magicians have also been using signatures, personal objects, clothing, blood, hair, etc. - and so do the radionics operators.

All of these objects have one thing in common. They carry the genetic code of the target person, which is unique: either in relative large quantity (blood, hair) or in minute quantities such as skin rubbings on a signature, on clothing, and on other personal items.

If we focus mentally on a specific person, location, desired event, etc., our brain establishes a structural connection: the abstraction that appears within the brain shows sufficient similarity with the actual object to allow a connection by means of life energy.

For purposes of action at a distance, such focusing has problems: namely that we cannot focus to one and the same thing continuously for an extended period. This is so, because "moving around" is one of the main characteristics of our brain.

Therefore, many of the more traditional training methods included methods to "freeze" these thought forms into objects, words, mantras, body positions, symbols, or actions, which then serve as structural links. "Magical objects," which are prepared with the intent to connect to a specific target, or trend, are such links. A good example is the voodoo doll (we are full circle back to radionics), and so are sigils of all kinds (shamanic, religious and magical symbols) that are made (or sometimes "channeled") with a specific intent, or target, in mind. Because of the processes of abstraction and focusing that are involved, we label these sigils or objects "equivalent structural links" as compared to the more obvious "near-identical" or "similar structural links" (such as the genetic code or photo)

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What Power Radionics™ can do for you - Specifics

The following applications of this extraordinary new technology are based on personal experiences of many proud owners of Chi Generators®, power radionics™ devices and power radionics™ programs.

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