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Advanced Rune Magic by Karl Hans Welz
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Therefore there is a lot more to Runes than giving readings and "Rune Stones"!


Contents of the Book

What are Runes?
The Symbolism of the Runes
Properties of Esoteric Symbolisms
The Path of Initiation
The 18 Sacred Futhork Runes as an Esoteric Symbolism
Odin's Sune Song and the Magical Poem
Rune Keywords, Meanings, and Correlations
Healing with Runes
Invocative and Evocative Processes
The Rune Realms
Preliminary Practice
Sounds of Runes, or Rune Mantras
Rune Readings and Rune Staves
The Rune Reading Ceremonial
Divinatory Meanings of the Runes
Sample Reading
Crystals and the Runes
A Final Note


The properties of crystals have been much in the public awareness recently. Many of those who are finding out with great benefit the uses of crystals as instruments for concentrating power would find their work greatly enhanced by a study of the Runes.

The symbolism of the 18 Sacred Futhork Runes is based on the geometry of the hexagon and its diameters. The powers of quartz crystals, too long practiced and documented to be denied, except by the ignorant, are also associated with the geometry of the hexagon.


Even with the incoherent arrays of the 24 and 33 Rune systems, there can be an enhancement of effectiveness if the Rune practice is integrated with crystal work, whenever the shapes of the Runes being used can be derived from the standard hexagon.

Ancient Runemasters talked about harnessing the energies of the world crystal when working with Runes. Ice and snow can be used, in suitable latitudes, in connection with quartz, or even alone, because of the hexagonal crystal formation in frozen water. Everyone has seen beautiful pictures of snowflakes as decorated hexagons of ice. Contemplation on the uniqueness of each of the billions of snowflakes that fall every year will help certain aspects of Rune work.

Each Rune may be viewed as a partial energy of the great world crystal. Therefore, it is but a little step from using the crystal energies of quartz and other crystals to dynamize them with Runes, and eventually to incorporate those generators of energies into powerful Rune practices, as well as into the methods of crystal use.

In fact, so powerful are some of these practices, that information about them is only available to those who have reached certain levels of practice and theory. Only trained and initiated Runemasters will penetrate some of these self-guarding secrets of Crystal Magic with Runes.

In this section we mention a few ways of using crystals in Rune Magic. Any crystal user can read between the lines and see how the practice could enhance crystal working.

If you look at a clear quartz crystal from the top, you will see the HAGAL Rune. Other Runes appear on quartz crystals if you look at them from different angles.

The circle, ellipse, parabola, and hyperbola can be seen in a transparent cone by one who has done some analytical geometry, or who can visualize sections of it. Similarly the Runes are not instantly obvious, but when they are seen, they indicate a whole cosmic geometry of their own.

As the sections of a cone represent the planetary, galactic and interatomic orbits, thus representing the whole universe, from atom to
Galaxy, so the Runes represent the energies of the universes, inner and outer, invisible and visible.

For the most effective work with quartz crystals in Rune Magic, you need a set of crystals, which are dynamized with Runes. Such a set has the Runes engraved on crystals that are specifically selected for the Rune concerned, and several other crystals that serve as focal crystals and transmitters.

Such a set of specially prepared crystal is not cheap, but it is worth the investment. You become equipped with a powerful tool that greatly enhances your Rune work in healing, charka development, spiritual insights, and wherever strong surges of controlled energy arc required. A Rune circle is a standard pattern used to enhance energies, and a simple experiment will demonstrate its effectiveness beyond any doubt. Take the set of crystals and arrange it as shown in the diagram. Take care that the points on the crystals are distributed as shown. The center crystal should be pointed slightly upward, pointing towards and over the IS crystal. You can put a stave under it, or a small crystal, to raise the end slightly.

Next, you feel the energy emanating from the center crystal. Some of the more advanced Rune Crystal arrangements are so strong that the energy of such arrangements compares to the energy from a single crystal the size of a house, or even larger. Notice carefully how far the energy of your arrangement reaches.

Now take a crystal in your hand and feel its energy with your forehead, or your favorite method. Then point it down to the circle of Rune crystals and move it clockwise, against the arrows, so to speak. Then feel the energy again in the same way, and notice the strong surge that contact with the circle has provided.

For healing (or practice with UR), you can use the same arrangement as in the diagram, but place the stave of UR on your center crystal. Then you can sit in front of the center crystal and the energies will reach you. You may practice in this way with any other Rune or combination of Runes.

A much more advanced technique, for which you require the appropriate initiation, or assistance of a Runemaster, is called 'gridding.

In this technique, several crystals of the same Rune or Rune Crystals from a second set are used for specific purposes. A safe, neutral example, that produces a strong, stabilizing and protective fields would be formed in the following way. Imagine a large HAGAL Rune drawn on your working surface and place six HAGAL Rune Crystals at right angles to the diameters and pointing consecutively counter clockwise. The ends of the diameters should touch the mid points of the horizontal crystals.

Other patterns are much more potent than this one for specific purposes, and the advice of a Runemaster would be required for efficiency and safety.

A book on Crystal Magic with Runes is now in preparation. For specific purposes consult your Runemaster. For healing work, make sure that you know the traditional correlations between the Runes and the spiritual anatomy that were dealt with on pages 34 and 35.

Practices with Rune Mantras, murmuring, and meditations are all enhanced by the use of Rune Crystals. (Murmuring is a technical word used to describe the practice of reading inspired verses, specific to each Rune, in a low voice, during Rune ceremonies. Such an activity is practiced by the home study students of K.O.R.)

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