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Advanced Rune Magic by Karl Hans Welz
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Therefore there is a lot more to Runes than giving readings and "Rune Stones"!


Contents of the Book

What are Runes?
The Symbolism of the Runes
Properties of Esoteric Symbolisms
The Path of Initiation
The 18 Sacred Futhork Runes as an Esoteric Symbolism
Odin's Sune Song and the Magical Poem
Rune Keywords, Meanings, and Correlations
Healing with Runes
Invocative and Evocative Processes
The Rune Realms
Preliminary Practice
Sounds of Runes, or Rune Mantras
Rune Readings and Rune Staves
The Rune Reading Ceremonial
Divinatory Meanings of the Runes
Sample Reading
Crystals and the Runes
A Final Note



Rune Readings are probably the best-known practical application of Rune Magic, as far as the general public is concerned. The metaphysical books concerning Runes are often devoted, almost entirely to Rune Readings. In fact some recent books are concerned with no other aspect of Runes at all.

The type of readings dealt with in these books is usually very materialistic, or what could best be described as worldly. When this kind of reading is the goal, it is of little importance that the Runes used constitute a symbolism, rather than an array. Indeed, almost any set of symbols that describe life situations would suffice.

Since this is so, a word of advice is called for. The 18 Sacred Futhork Runes are operating on the levels of the Realms of Creation. The SYMBOLISM of the Sacred Futhork does not lend itself easily to merely worldly readings. When you eventually perform Rune Readings with the help of the Sacred Futhork you should not forget that what seem to be statements about worldly situations are coming in fact from deeper, and more spiritual realms, the realms of Creation Eternal.

To do a reading with the Sacred Futhork Runes, you need to fulfill several pro-conditions. Firstly, you must be TOTALLY familiar with the esoteric and exoteric meanings of the 18 Sacred Futhork Runes. Secondly, you need to establish your Rune Realms and be certain that you are tuned in to the Realms of Creation.

It is NOT enough simply to cast the Runes for a reading and then look up the meaning of each Rune in a book. I am appalled when I think of the many publications in which a misuse of the Runes for merely worldly readings is taught. Certainly the 18 Sacred Futhork Runes are not suitable for such "fortune telling" activities. Serious worldly readings are much better performed with a traditional deck of Tarot cards.

Rune Readings, when properly performed, are a voice from the Realms of Creation. Hence the need to be familiar with many aspects of Rune Magic, before you are ready to perform a Rune Reading. You must be capable at least of properly establishing your Rune Realms and also have had some ceremonial experience. Rune Readings are not something that you try as a first time activity.

Rune Readings tell you of the energies from the Realms of Creation that are at the root of trends, or events, in the past, present, and future. Rune Readings then tell you what energies you may use in order to deal with the situation effectively and from what realms they should be called. Such a Rune Reading emphasizes the spiritual background of everything. The worldly outcome is merely a side effect of a deeper spiritual development. It is never the real crux of the matter.

The next section is excerpted from the instructions sent to students of
the Order with their set of Rune staves. It will be a help to anyone making their own set.

Do you know how to cut?
Do you know how to read?
Do you know how to find?
Do you know how to explore?
Do you know how to demand?
Do you know how to celebrate?
Do you know how to project?
Do you know how to redeem?
(from Havamal v.l43)

This set of Rune Staves is a kit of staves with the Runes engraved by hand. What it needs now is some of your own projection and some of your own charging, in order to make these staves powerful, personal tools to trigger Rune energies. By taking great care to do the finishing work on these staves you will be able to get in tune with each Rune, stave by staves and end up with a fully charged set. So you now have the staves cut into the wood to start you off, and it is up to you to sand them and polish them and charge them with your own energies.

Before you begin on any Runes, read up on the meanings of it. When you are sanding and polishing, be aware of the meaning of the Rune that you are working withy and be aware too that there is much more meaning and significance yet to come, which will open up to you as you progress with your practices and study.

Ideally, you should do this work in a ceremonial setting. Set your altar, and light your candle. You may use the ceremonial outlined in the "Candle Magic with Runes" pamphlet. If this isn't possible, get as close as you can to it.

With each Rune, you proceed as follows:

Position, or hand position for IS
Say: Self conscious I am an antenna
For rays and vibrations
From the Realms of Creation.
Position, or hand position of UR
Say: Self conscious I draw the power
From the deepest depths
From the spheres of the Earth
From the womb of All-Mother
Position, or hand position of MAN
Say: Self conscious I draw the power
From the highest heights,
From cosmic realms,
From the great universe

Position, or hand position of the Rune
you are working with
Say: Powers of ..... (Rune name)
Come to me
Stay with me
Give me the wisdom and power
Of your realm.

NOTE: If body or hand positions are not yet known, strongly visualize the Rune with which you are working, in your inner eye.

Now you can sand and polish. While doing this, project energy into the Rune. The Runes MAN and YR. KA and AR, FA and OS need to be notched at the bottom of the Rune or otherwise marked, so that you know later which Rune it is.

The first step is to sand with fairly coarse sandpaper, rounding off corners and tiding up. You can go straight to fine sandpiper from here, or use medium before going on to fine. Finish up with the finest steel wool. You can oil the Rune with a good quality oil designed for wood. Some oil polishes and stains require you to steel wool the surface when wet, or soon after drying. Check the label to ensure perfect results.

Once the Rune feels good to you, hold the stave in your right hand, look at it, and say:
You became carrier of the powers of.....
Tied to you is the power of the Rune.

Sing the mantra of the Rune. Murmur the Song of the Rune if you are a student of the Order, or the stanza of the magical poem, if you are not familiar with the Song. Draw the Rune in the air with your dagger, power rod or wand.
Next say:
Powers of .....(Rune name)
Thank you for your energy.
Flow back to the Realms of Creation.
Ground, and end the ceremonial, then go on to the next Rune stave.

It is best to prepare one stave at a time. This takes a long time ... but you will end up with a well-charged set of Runes, fully tuned to you; well worth the effort that you put into it. If the set of Runes is for the group (castle or lodge), proceed similarly but have the group present or in mind while preparing the staves. As an alternative, all members of the group can assemble and finish the Runes in a group ceremonial using group energies. In this setting it is permissible for all the members to take part simultaneously each finishing one Rune at a time, until they are all done.

It is important however that group staves are used for group practices only and that individuals' staves are used only by the person to whom they are tuned. The only exception is where a Rune master or Knight uses his or her own personal set for the ceremonials of the castle. Similar provisos apply to the use of Thor's Hammer.

Whenever you use the staves, make sure that there is nobody around who may project negative energies or ideas, disbelief, hostility, and so forth, into your Rune staves. Should you suspect, or become aware of too much negative energy building up in your Runes, it will be necessary to de-ode, i.e. purify them, and then recharge them.

Purification: Fumigate in frankincense, being aware that this action will remove all negative energy. Do this one Rune at a time.

Recharging: Clear off a table and lay out the Runes in a circle, with EH and GIBOR in the middle. Establish your inner and outer Rune Realms, then recognize your Rune staves as part of the outer Rune Realms, which is your channel to the realms of creation and the universe. Beginning with FA, proceed from Rune to Rune as follows;
1) Look at the stave of the Rune.
2) Trace the Rune on the stave with a wooden pin, like a knitting needle, or skewer. While tracing, project energy through your arm, hand, and the pin into the Rune stave. Draw the energy from the universe with the other hand.
3) Chant the mantra of the Rune.
4) Recite the stanza of the Rune.
5) Meditate for a minute or two, then proceed to the next Rune.

   Continue -- The Rune Reading Ceremonial

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