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Advanced Rune Magic by Karl Hans Welz
For you this is experience of the creative energies of the universe !!!

(Only If you are serious about Runic Studies)

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Therefore there is a lot more to Runes than giving readings and "Rune Stones"!


Contents of the Book

What are Runes?
The Symbolism of the Runes
Properties of Esoteric Symbolisms
The Path of Initiation
The 18 Sacred Futhork Runes as an Esoteric Symbolism
Odin's Sune Song and the Magical Poem
Rune Keywords, Meanings, and Correlations
Healing with Runes
Invocative and Evocative Processes
The Rune Realms
Preliminary Practice
Sounds of Runes, or Rune Mantras
Rune Readings and Rune Staves
The Rune Reading Ceremonial
Divinatory Meanings of the Runes
Sample Reading
Crystals and the Runes
A Final Note

Before any attempt at interpretation is made, the data in the next section giving the divination meanings of the Runes should be committed to memory.

After that section, there is a sample reading and how it was interpreted for the querent.

9. After the interpretation, you, or the querent, if there is one, drinks the wine or the water. You then end the ceremony by saying:
"Powers of the Runes
Thank you for your advice.
Flow back to the
Realms of Creation."

10. Imagine, or visualize, the Rune energies grounding, flowing into the ground as water flows down a drain, or seeps into sandy soil.

11. Extinguish the flame of the altar candle, incense burner, and the petitioner's (querent's) candle, in that order.

12. Remove all utensils.

Note: The ceremonial setting gives the reading a very deep, spiritual background, which cannot be achieved by simple drawing Runes from a bag, or in other walls promoted in some of the recent books purporting to teach Rune Reading. It is the decision of the practitioner whether to access knowledge from the realms of creation, that will give insights into how present trends may be developed, or to give a psychic-fair type reading with all the superficiality of such.

The energies present at the proper ceremonial setting give insights on levels other than the purely verbal. A reading should not be just words, talk about karma, or light entertainment. It should provide a DIRECT EXPERIENCE of the energies and powers that continually shape our destinies.

   Continue -- Divinatory Meaning of the Runes

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