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Therefore there is a lot more to Runes than giving readings and "Rune Stones"!


Contents of the Book

What are Runes?
The Symbolism of the Runes
Properties of Esoteric Symbolisms
The Path of Initiation
The 18 Sacred Futhork Runes as an Esoteric Symbolism
Odin's Sune Song and the Magical Poem
Rune Keywords, Meanings, and Correlations
Healing with Runes
Invocative and Evocative Processes
The Rune Realms
Preliminary Practice
Sounds of Runes, or Rune Mantras
Rune Readings and Rune Staves
The Rune Reading Ceremonial
Divinatory Meanings of the Runes
Sample Reading
Crystals and the Runes
A Final Note


This section is a treasure chest of material for Rune contemplation. Each piece of data can act as a drill that will access various levels of knowledge and practical applications.


The Rune of the original fire, Rune of the cosmos, of the universe. Symbol of fire that acts creatively in love. will that spares manifestation down to the material levels. FA rules the Salamanders. Symbol of change, symbol of the Phoenix, Spiritual creation, FAS (fatum or fate), Divine Law, Mobility wealth, FREYR, Connection to the Rune KA (#6).

Some uses of the Rune FA: To attract and to absorb Solar and Lunar energies, planetary energies, and energies of the fixed stars. Strengthens persona) magnetism and (on the etheric plane) the electric fluid, Strengthens spiritual powers, Useful at the beginning of psychic healings. Rune to transfer energies. Unfolding the original fire.
Time of the year: December 22 through January 12
Number: I
Tarot correlate: The Magician, Activum, willpower.
The first card.
Mantras: ffffffffff (visualize fire, or flaming FA symbol.) fffffaaaaa.


Symbol of original cause of cosmic and planetary events and trends. Original time, original eternity, root of eternity. Timeless time where space time is irrelevant. Cause of causes. Original creation, Original immortality. Original law of vibration. PRIMA MATER MATERIAE. Original knowledge. In UR are the roots of Yggdrasil the world tree, Here the three Norns, goddesses of fate and destiny are spinning the threads of men and gods. Here the fountain of wisdom is running. Here the gods descend in order to find wisdom and knowledge.

Some uses of UR: New existence flows continuously from UR. It is the Rune of healing, using orgone energy on the etheric levels. It opens one to clairaudience. It deepens the ability to recognize true causes, as distinct from apparent causes.
Time of the year: January 11 through February 3.
Number: 2
Tarot correlate: The Nigh Priestess. Veiled
knowledge between Jakin and Boaz. The second
Mantras: uuuuuuuuuu (speak: oo-oo-oo-oo-oo)


Rune of activity, of the active mind. Symbolic Master of the sword, Rune of active exchange. Thor's hammer. Rune of opposing polarities: life and death, hot and cold, light and darkness etc., and of joining opposites. Rune of eternal return. Mystery of the THORN which awakens one from sleep. Burning thorn bush. Lightning and thunder. Rune of the dowsing rod. Rune of magnetic transfer and of mental telepathy.

Some uses of the Rune: THORN awakens the will to act. It helps to get in touch with the continuous change of day and night, of the waxing and waning called life and death. Protects against attacks.

Strengthens the aura, particularly when using the mantra.
Time of the year; February 4 through February 25
Number; 3
Tarot correlate; The Empress. The third card,
Mantras; ththththth, thththooooorrrrrrnnnn.


The fourth element. Run« of Odic energies. Rune of leadership, kingship, government. Rune that frees from the bondage of the material world. OS brings strong magical powers. It teaches the recognition of the laws of nature which concern the Magical universe, or Magical hyperspaces. It involves the symbolism of four as completion: as thesis, antithesis, energetic exchange, synthesis, which synthesis becomes the thesis of the following system. Divine name.

Some uses of the Rune: Growth of spiritual powers. Drawing of astral and mental energies.
Time of the year: February 26 through March 2Q
Number: 4
Tarot correlate: The Emperor. The 4th card. Kingship.
Mantra: oooooooossssss, ooothththiiii))ll« oooodalL


RITA, right, the Rune of original law, of Divine law. All justice. Re-ligio. Strength. Ritual. Rune of the cosmic rhythm of the worlds. Rune of movement, rotation, wheels, of spiraling development and unfolding, Symbol of the rolling Sun wheel. Rune of rhythms and of dance.

Some uses of the Rune: PIT allows you to tune into the rhythms of the worlds. It awakens higher powers, It strengthens inner guidance. Increases experience of ritual. RIT directs thoughts towards inner guidance. Strengthens the power of visualization.
Time of the year: March 21 through April 12.
Number: 5
Tarot correlate: The Hierophant. The High Priest.
Fifth card.
Mantra; rrrrrr» rrrruiit


KA is a sexual Rune. It is the Rune of capability and power, the Rune of the occultist, and of higher mysteries.

Uses: Like THORN, KA is a Rune of protection against magical attacks. KA gives intuition, inspiration, and it connects with the universe. KA connects with higher polarity. It increases courage.

Time of the year: April 13 through May 5.

Number: 6

Mantra: k-k-k-k-aaaa.


Fire refers here to "the fire of thirst." HAG-ALL = take care of the universe. It contains the symbolism of the omnipresent and all-penetrating creative energy. HAGAL is the symbolism of the builder-architect of the worlds. The seven is the rhythm of the Solar System. It connects with Venus-entities (Venus = 7), who create the world in an eternal NOW. HAGAL is the Rune of the world tree, of the world, of the tree of life. It is a combination of MAN and YR, NOD and EH. HAGAL is maintenance and equilibrium of the moving universe. It is the Rune of the zodiac, and mother of all Runes that signifies continuous change. HAGAL leads to the spiritual leader. In the microcosm it represents man, in the macrocosm it represents the universe.

Uses: HAGAL gives protection and harmony. It serves as the solid point within the flight of phenomena. It eliminates the burning thirst for things that are not important in life. It provides consciousness of Oneness with the Divine. It brings spiritual powers and wisdom. It increases the functions of the pineal gland and of the solar plexus.

Time of the year: May 6 through May 28.

Number: 7

Mantra: hag-all

  The Rune N O D

NOD is the Rune of karma. In the Northern tradition, NOD is the Rune of the Norn, goddess of destiny. It is the Rune of karmic debts (the Norn SKULD), of karmic law, of karmic need. NOD signifies Divine justice that balances. "Hate" in the song refers to unresolved karma. Nod helps to master your karma after you have accepted it and recognized it as a structuring process rather than the primitive assumption of cause-effect. NOD symbolizes the appearance out of the infinite, out of the undefined. It connects with the Divine that manifests itself within the finite universe, for "a god who does no manifest itself is dead" (Feuerbach).

Uses: NOD makes you aware of your karmic debts and it helps dissolve karma. It leads to truth and fitting into the cosmic order, or the Divine Plan. NOD brings the protection of high spiritual entities of our Solar System. Use your karma and live it consciously. The emphasis here is on "use". With NOD you can recognize that karma is a structuring process rather than strict cause-effect and that the postulate ("law") of cause-effect is nothing but a human fallacy! Especially with the practice of NOD will you gain the insight of just how powerful work with the creative levels (Runes) can be, especially when it comes to the shifting of dimensions of time!

Time of the year: May 29 through June 20.

Number: 8

Mantra: nnnnnnnn, nnnnoooooddddd, aepandi nam.

  The Rune IS

Rune of the ego, of self-discipline, of discipline. IS is the Rune of the personality, of the magical powers of self-consciousness. It symbolizes will, action, power, and personality. IS refers to the ego in the microcosm, the ONEness that connects everything created to ONE. It is eternal Divine Love within that transcends the lower ego. The Rune of completion. The unicorn, the magic wand, the number of the Moon.

Uses: IS strengthens the personality (ship) by calming emotionally charged thoughts (the wind on the billowing floods), controls thoughts. IS procures psychic powers through self-discipline and through elimination of that which is unnecessary. IS leads to Divine Magic.

Time of the year: June 21 through July 14.

Number: 9

Mantra: iiiiiisssssss,iiiisssssiiiissss.

  The Rune AR

Rune of the Light, of the Sun. Wisdom, beauty, virtue, trust, honor, fame. Rune of the initiate. Symbolism of the Solar child that returns home from darkness. Rune of the explorer.

Uses: AR allows control of subconscious thought patterns and recognizes their point of origin, or roots (meditate on the stanza!). AR is the Rune of reframing, of re-assigning subconscious trends and activities, or usually subconscious parts of the personality. AR can cause change from within. You can use AR as a Rune of certainty that dissolves doubts. AR attracts Solar prana.

Time of the year: July 15 through August 7.

Number: 10

Mantra: aaaaaaaaaarrrrrr, rrrrraaaaaaaa

  The Rune SIG

SIG is the Rune of the light, the Rune of the Sun, the Rune of victory, success, and of good luck. It is the Solar Light in spiritual contemplation. It symbolizes the path "from God to God," the path of the soul. Rune of the spiritual ray, of inspiration.

Uses: SIG brings success, overcomes material limitations, increases power of the spirit. It gives knowledge, wisdom, illumination. It increases the power of visualization, and psychic powers.

Time of the year: August 8 through August 30.

Number: 11

Mantra: ssssssssssss, ssssssssiiiiiiig, sig - sig

  The Rune TYR

Rune of the god of the swords. Rune of the god(dess) who sacrifices him/herself, certain of resurrection. Rune of initiation, of reincarnation, of being born again.

Uses: Hammer of Thor. TYR helps overcome the material world, the fear of material death. Brings victory of spirit over matter. Helps the recalling of past lives.

Time of the year: August 31 through September 22.

Number: 12

Correlation with the Tarot: 12 card, The Hanged Man. Odin's Song (of initiation): I know how I hanged on the wind cold tree for nine icy nights, wounded by the spear, . . . . . A shamanic motif of the dying and resurrecting god, found in most religions.

Mantra: t-t-t-t-tyyyyyyrrrrr

  The Rune BAR

Rune of revelation, Rune of birth of the spirit. Rune of birth, of spiritual rebirth. Return to the Mothers, to the empire of HEL. Life, hopes, wishes. Rune of continuous transformation, death and rebirth.

Uses: Development of higher spiritual, mystical and psychic capabilities. Lead to inner freedom and outer independence. Helps birth, spiritual birth.

Time of the year: September 23 through October 15.

Number: 13
Correlation with Tarot: 13th card: Death - Transformation - Metamorphosis.

Mantra: b-b-b-b-baaaaaarrrrrr

  The Rune LAF

The ancients used the mythological method to talk of that which is psychological, psychic, and spiritual. LAF is the Rune of life, of the law of life, of the original laws of the universe, of the original waters. Rune of the sea. Rune of the etheric part of the body. Rune of initiation that experiences life on earth as a continuous process of initiation.

Uses: LAF brings understanding of the life processes, of true religion.

Time of the year: October 16 through November 7.

Number: 14

Correlation with the Tarot: The 14th card of the Tarot: Temperance.

Mantra: lllllllllaaaaaaaffffff

  The Rune MAN

MAN is symbolism of man, of mankind, of humanity, of the resurrected god. It signifies the upper part of the world tree Yggdrasil. Rune of spiritual powers, of directing Mana powers.

Uses: MAN leads to Divine Magic and unfolding of life (see Symbol of Man). It protects against enemies. MAN increases and strengthens the aura. It opens the mysteries of MIMIR, the mysteries of original memories, or of root-memories. Use for levitation, elevation, reaching in the spheres of the Divine.

Time of the year: November 8 through November 29
Number: 15
Correlation with the Tarot: 15th card: The Devil.

Mantra: mmmmmmaaaaaaaannnnnn, aaooouuummmmmm mmmaaannniii paadmmmmeeeee huuummmmmm

  The Rune YR

Rune of the unio mystica (mystical union, samadhi). Desire for completion, and perfection. Rune of the night and of the Moon. Rune of karma and of karmic tests. The counterpart of MAN, the god with antlers. Roots of the world tree, from which life springs ("the mighty tree which conceals man, where man grew from the roots . . .") God in the waters at the winter solstice. God descending to the material world.

Uses: YR overcomes illusion of the material world, which is often a painful process bringing radical changes, and a sudden overturning of affairs. Overcomes the illusions of neuro-semantic environments. It recognizes mappings as mappings.

Time of the year: November 30 through December 21.

Number: 16

Correlation with the Tarot: The 16th card: The Citadel, Lightning.

Mantra: yyyyyyyyrrrrrr

  The Rune EH

Rune of cosmic union that transcends the 16 Runes of the zodiac, or the octagon with its polarities. It is the Rune of ideal love, of twin souls, of soul mates. Two in one, Soul and cosmic. God and human.

Uses: Connects two lives, brings from the Two to the One. Helps find the soul mate. Brings together soul twins. Brings success and increase.

Number: 17
No connection with the year, referring to polarities unified. Also no connection with the Tarot.

Mantra: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh

  The Rune GIBOR

Rune of the wheel of life, of union of the god and the world, of Creator and Created.

Uses: GIBOR harmonizes the relations of twin souls, unifies the energies of the I and YOU in a cosmic context, both reaching into the common universe, in a true cosmic wedding. Leads to cosmic consciousness, vision of God, unio mystica, the deepest mysteries of the universe.

Number: 18

GIBOR has no relation to any part of the zodiac, but it is Symbolism of wholeness. Likewise, there is no correlation to any single card of the tarot.

Mantra: ggiiibbboooorrrr

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