Manifestation™ Programs are radionics software designed to help you to:

 Get Assured Success Faster and Easier
 Results are More Effective and Far Reaching than ever
 Just run it for a couple of hours and expect results !!!

Basic Manifestation Program for your PC

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Using life energy for manifestation purposes is an advanced method of this technology.  This extremely versatile new method evolved as a result of the capability to "solidify" the structural connections that you can establish with your inherent powers of abstraction, and it is exactly this capability of the radionics software to solidify the abstractions of your desires, which helps you achieve positive permanent solutions and change.

This means that you can harness continuous power driving towards the results that you programmed into your radionics software.  This continuous flow of life energy is made possible with a special structural link that connects your Chi Generator®, the Manifestation Program™ and the target of your operation:  To make this possible, each program comes with a fully individualized transfer card and the corresponding file on your radionics software that connect your life energy generator directly with the functions in your manifestation program™.

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